This is something I’ve noticed about people who have ask blogs for certain fandoms and/or popular characters. They seem to be nice people but when you try to talk to them, they ignore you right on the spot even if you had just followed them. That’s called being a complete asshole and its discouraging fans to even believe in the fandom anymore. I’ve experienced this myself and it hurts, really it does. But do I retaliate? No, because I wouldn’t be considered human or a fan if I spoke my feelings about the people who have these blogs. I just take their shit and smile and walk away without a worry in the world just to protect myself from all the hate.

Just ignore it if you find this bullshit, which I know its 99% of you.

I haven’t had this happen yet… but i can believe something like this happens. People are elitist jerks sometimes. I kinda wish some of the folks i followed would follow back, would make responding to their posts easier. 
Ahem, but yeah i can believe this kind of crap happens here, it happens everywhere else after all.


There’s nothing wrong with sex, people.




- Having sex every day. 
- Saving sex for your wedding night. 
- Never having sex.
- Having sex with different people.
- Having sex with one person.
- Having sex with a person of your same gender.
- Loving sex. 
- Hating sex. 
- Being loud. 
- Being quiet.

The only thing wrong with sex?

When it’s not consensual.

Because that’s not sex. That’s rape.

Reblogging again because this post is so important. 



creativepaperandtimeyclocks asked:

"Hello~♥" Paige entered the room. Tony was messing with the computer and paige went in to investigate "Im Paige! Whats your name?" (Omgomgomg you are the coolesy right now)

ask-kawaii-giffany answered:

"Hello. I am Giffany! Pleased to meet chu~ And who is the fine gentleman behind you? Would he like to carry my books for me?" 

((Omfg. I am in love with DHMIS so I love you now. <3 )) 

















Paige pressed play and sat on the couch and watched the movie while tony was trying to figure out how to fix the programming and get giffany back into her game.

Giffany frowned when she saw Tony. “Hey is he going to watch the movie with us?” 

"No.. he hates this movie… he doesnt like me very much… and im fine eith that hes a big jerk anyways!!!"

Paige looks close to tears.

Giffany notices Paige’s tears and quickly removes them with her fingers. “P-Paige…? Is there something you’re not telling me?” 

"Y-you wont understand! You’re just a-a game!!"

Paige got up and went to her room, mainly embaressed for crying in front of someone.

She flopped on her bed snd cried into the pillow. Getting the game and making her a new friend was a stupid idea, she kept on thinking.

Giffany panicked not quite knowing what to do. She hugged Paige tightly and cried out for Tony’s help. 

Tony came in.

"Paige is everythi-"

"G-go away tony!! I hate you!"

He growled as the two got into a hot heated arguement and then he stormed out. Paige sighed.

"Im so sorry.. you.. must be incredibly confused right now.. me and tony well.. we used to date.. but then something happened and he just left me and I neevr knew why…"

"T-That jerk!" Giffany screamed out. "Paige. Do I need to delete him!?" 

"N-no… you dont… please I sorta need him to keep myself from.. from"

She stopped midsentence

"Never mind!! But dont delete him"